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Introduction of the topic Claus Eppe, Ministry of Health, Equalities, Care and Ageing of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia David Carmona, Director Fundecyt (Extremadura) PDF 453KB
European Commission policies on Active Ageing and the European year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity 2012 Sven Matzke, European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities PDF 140KB
Spain: Extremadura Active Ageing Policies and Initiatives Juan Carlos Campón, Regional Goverment of Extremadura. Director General of The Extremadura Service of Promotion of Autonomy and Attention to Dependence, Badajoz (Extremadura) PDF 945KB
Spain: "Active Ageing. White Book of Andalusia" María José Castro Nieto, Director General of Older People in the Autonomuos Region of Andalusia (Spain) No Slides
Germany: Regionale 2013 – A regional development support model from North Rhine-Westphalia Dirk Glaser, Director of Südwestfalen Agentur and Regionale 2013 PDF 1.5MB
Germany: Regional Strategy on 'Demographic Change' of the Verband Region Rhein-Neckar Maren Schmidt, Verband Region Rhein-Neckar, Unit 'Regional development projects' (Mannheim) PDF 348KB
European funding opportunities and Committee of the Regions / AGE European funding instruments overvie Werner B. Korte, SEN@ER European Secretariat and David Carmona, Director Fundecyt (Extremadura) PDF 537KB

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