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Against the background of the upcoming European Year for Active Ageing & Intergenerational Solidarity 2012 the workshop aims at the development of a European exchange of information on activities and initiatives in different European regions, the identification of areas for cooperation which may lead to the establishment of partner consortia and the development and submission of project proposals to European Commission funding programmes.

At the workshop we will also introduce you to relevant funding programmes of the European Commission. These offer opportunities to different types of institutions in the regions for obtaining funding for a variety of different activities in the topic areas 'Silver Economy', and 'Ageing Well at Home' which they would like to carry out with partners from other European regions.

The interest of the SEN@ER partners is to develop, implement and pilot new services addressed to seniors and family members but also including those target groups actively offering the services which support an independent living at older age and a living at high quality standards.

The spectrum of services is likely to include a multitude of different types of services and can range from those directly addressed to the target group, those addressed to carers including family carers and professional carers but may also include qualification and further training activities addressed to craftsmen for adapting flats and houses following 'design for all' principles or even services aiming at the development of quality seals or minimum requirements standards for service delivery and ways of implementing these to increase the quality of services. Thought will be given to also properly address the requirements of minority groups and citizens with a migration background which may require different approaches to be followed.

The invited participants are kindly asked to submit to the SEN@ER Secretariat their points for discussion, ideas and proposal outline papers to the workshop ideally already before the workshop which will allow us to speed up the discussion and the decision making processes at the workshop.